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Upload Speed

04-03-2016, 07:03 PM
They are (According to the OVH status pages) Increasing capacity.

See item:

They are in French but this is what google thinks it says:


We are seeing delays and timeouts on the storage cluster, we add capacity
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Comment by OVH - Monday, 14 March 2016, 6:06 p.m. PM
We added storage servers in the cluster. The data is being re-balancing (rebalance), that would impact the performance time of the operation

Comment by OVH - Thursday, 17 March 2016, 10:07 AM
Adding servers in a cluster means that the data is moved to the new servers to distribute the occupation of disk space. In previous versions of Swift, rsync was used. For Erasure Coding, a new protocol is used, specially developed for Swift: SSYNC. We find that this protocol is extremely slow. After talking with the core-dev Swift, they confirmed that the protocol is known to have performance problems in large clustered Erasure Coding, or ours would be one of the largest known to them. We are currently looking for to optimize the movement of data in order to enlarge the clusters in reasonable time.

Comment by OVH - Friday, 01 April 2016, 24:20 PM
We proddé an amendment to accelerate the distribution of data on new servers, which currently strongly impacts cluster performance but will quickly find a satisfactory situation


We are hoping that the speed issues are being caused by this, but we will have to wait and see.

Sadly support from Hubic is quite poor.

04-03-2016, 06:05 PM

Have just signed up for a 10TB account and have started to upload files. Have noticed however the upload speed is really low, <2Mb/s, check of my fibre connection shows it's capable of over 10Mb/s so is there an issue?

Many thanks.