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WebApp - User Feedback for actions in progress

04-01-2016, 01:02 PM
All actions are cancelled if the browser is closed (see hubiC FAQ) and I suspect that if the page where in the action is in progress is closed/left the same will happen. Lately, I tried to copy about 2GB of data from one hubiC folder to another hubiC folder: it takes ages and the only feedback on the display are the rotating arrows under the folder being copied with no idea when it is going to finish, how long the browser has to remain open, whether it is doing anything at all ...

Feature Request
Provide more meaningful feedback for the actions in progress:
  • Download, Upload, Copy, Move while the zip file is being prepared a progress indicator, e.g.: (%), time to finish (0m00s), ...
  • Status information (e.g. used space/total space): refresh regularly
  • When leaving the page rather than the standard browser message (you will loose all the information if you leave the page) provide a more meaningful message (e.g.: all actions in progress and queued will be lost).

Alternative to an automatic refresh of the above feedback interface elements could be, a refresh button ...

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