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Back up folders are not backing up

03-30-2016, 11:15 AM
I have been running hubic for 6 months have been successfully backing up my folders, but last month i rebuilt my system and install some new hardware.
I re-installed windows 10 on a new hard drive (m.2) and re-installed the hubis software and reconnected my back up folders and some of my new data has been uploaded, but i have started to get error messages and now none of my new files are getting uploaded to my backup.

The error message i get is -
" hubic is unable to continue running correctly. This could be caused by corrupted data or an installation problem.
If this error persist, try to delete files in C:\user\markc\appdata\\roaming\hubic or re-install the application."

I have tried both of these options, but with no success.

I also get a message HTTP status 503, which as far as i can tell the hubic server is un-available.

Can anyone help?