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Stupid connection error on Windows + other error on android app

09-03-2015, 03:43 PM
Hi There,

I keep getting this stupid connection error on the Windows Platform (any version) where by when i have changed the password on my account (again something i was forced to do because of your stupid system setup, will tell more in a few mins) it keeps saying there is a connection problem (see pic), i know that this is Bulls**t because i can access the same account on hubic.com with the SAME credentials.

Windows PC Login Error: http://i.imgur.com/B4Xmz5l.jpg?1

Can you please please PLEASE for god sake fix the damn issues as its a bit of poor show to be honest compared to others.

Also another error i keep getting too is.....say for example you have just installed a brand new copy of the Hubic app on your android device, new version or you have just reset and are reinstalling everything....what happens is when i go to log in with again the SAME WORKING LOGIN CREDENTIALS it should just work and let me in........well.......thats what you would think wouldn't you but NOOOOOO.........what it does it it then starts spamming my email account with Password reset notifications IN FRENCH which i cannot understand about the same amount of tries you have done so if you say did 8-9 tries to get into your account on the android app it will email this account with password resets 8-9 times respectivly, THIS IS SO INFURIATING AND A VERY BIG ERROR / VULNERABILITY TO THE SERVICE WHICH NEEDS to be addressed ASAP

Other than this i am happy (to a degree with the service!