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IPAD APP can NOT delete local data

08-16-2015, 04:30 PM
Disc Space on IPADS are preciouse. So why not save data to hubic and delete it from local IPAD? But the hubic App for IPAD Fails to Do this.

I did Download a 1.8 GB Video File from Hubic to IPAD to view the Movie. After Finishing, I logged Off from Hubic, in Order to "all local Files will be deleted". Yes this is what I wanted.

However, the free Disk Space of my IPAD did not increase. The Disc Space Used by the hubic App still was 1.4 GB

I had to delet and reinstall the App,to get all free Disk Space back :-(

So please Improve the App, also include a Feature like "delete all LOCAL Data", without the Need to logg Off or delete the App.