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Hubic ; Linux client not working

08-13-2015, 07:43 PM
Hi, a couple of issues with the Linux client, one rather serious.

Firstly, information provided by "hubic backup info" is unreliable. I have 24 backups configured and attached, but usually this is what happens on the first attempt:

$ hubic backup info
Name  Attached  Local path  Last backup  Size
In other words, no backup sets reported. Sometimes it works properly on the second attempt, sometimes the third. Secondly - and rather seriously - I cannot get hubic to back up new files. I have added a few files to the location that is assigned to my 'photos' backup, so I want to make sure they are backed up. In order to achieve this I have typed

$ hubic backup update photos
.. several times in the last few days. But every time I check to see that the backup has been updated, I see the latest backup as being completed on "23/07/2015 07:52".

I need to back up files or there's simply no point. Can someone tell me when this will be fixed?