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Update MacOS Maverick

11-27-2013, 01:49 PM

Major update of the hubiC application (v0.2): compatibility with Mac OS X Mavericks, performance improvements and new functionalities.

Download the update:

Today we can offer you an update that enables you to synchronise your files into Mac OS X Mavericks. Version 0.2 of the application contains a variety of anticipated enhancements, as well as the following new features:

Application preferences:

- bandwidth management: limit download and upload speeds
- new “Place deleted files in trash” option: when you synchronise, if some files have been deleted from your online storage space, a local copy will be moved to the trash folder. You can thus restore them if they accidentally get deleted. (Warning: files moved to the trash folder this way can’t be restored to the original folder with a right-click. Only files moved to the trash folder manually will have this option.)
- new “Launch at startup” option
- new “Ask for a confirmation before quitting” option
- new “Change account” option replaces the “Log out” option in the menu
- more detailed “Synchronization status” window: displays the status of operations in progress

Performance optimisation

- quicker launch and indexation
- improved use of memory
- faster uploads: miniature images are now generated on the server side, rather than by the application
- increase of the number of simultaneous operations (6 transfers + 5 operations from now on)


- the hubiC folder is only created once in the favorites (it's deleted when you switch your account)
- application logs have been moved to ~/Library/logs/hubiC, so they can be read from the Mac OS X console
- AppleDouble folders are filtered so they don’t unnecessarily slow down the indexation

A well-known non-critical bug, caused by an unusual succession of operations, has been detected. This bug is being resolved. The application may crash if you log in to one hubiC account, then open the “Synchronisation status” window, and then switch to another account in the Preferences menu and open the “Synchronisation status” window again.