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Business Topics

  1. Billing for Greek customers due to monetary crisis
  2. Compte Hubic fermé et facturation
  3. Monthly payments - beginners question -
  4. Change contact facturation
  5. Arrêt abonnement Hubic et réception facture
  6. Comme disque dur externe ou sauvegarde windows 7 paramètre ,?
  7. pay one month of 10TB and hubic want I pay all year??
  8. PAgo de 10 TB y no se ha actualizado
  9. VAT for non-EU customers?
  10. Changed PaymentMethod not updated in Hubic website
  11. Did not recieve the 500GB for reffering to a Friend
  12. change payment
  13. Contact info for users in Germany
  14. Data durability
  15. Why are all emails in French?
  16. When will we get a proper support channel?
  17. Purchased 1 year of 10 TB space, card is charged but did not receive extra storage
  18. What has happened to my Hubic?
  19. what is wrong with my billing, and my account? ?
  20. billing
  21. why not paypal?
  22. Can't access account
  23. Can't access my account
  24. Error registering
  25. Marks files syncroniced
  26. Pago realizado
  27. Pls stop the invoices. You cancelled me, I reopened new account and you still invoice
  28. Cuenta cerrada de forma indebida
  29. Blocked account experation date 26/06/2015
  30. How do I get a hold of the HubiC team?
  31. Problem with ordering
  32. How to access billing information?
  33. hubiC Windows client package for Chocolatey
  34. Non riesco ad aggiungere metodo di pagamento
  35. how to reopen a closed account ?
  36. cannot login to my account
  37. 20TB plans
  38. Cancelar Cuenta - Account cancelation
  39. 10 TB plan: Annual payments
  40. Apple account charged for 100Gb but only 25Gb in account
  41. Restauration Rapide
  42. 10TB for 50 Euro - how long?
  43. HELP-Paid for Upgrade space, account not recognizing it
  44. MY email messages from you are in FRENCH
  45. Alternative to credit cards
  46. Trouble with 100 Gb offer
  47. Invoice issue and subscription plan
  48. Payment Lost with CC
  49. Can be used like Google Drive / OneDrive?
  50. Hubic communications
  51. What exactly is "commercial purposes"
  52. Hubic offers
  53. New hubiC offers
  54. (another) Credit Card Problem
  55. Can't login contact support via mail.
  56. I am paying 10 euros per month for 10TB but I see an offer for 5 euros per month.
  57. bigger storage plans
  58. Billing Error
  59. More storage plans
  60. Modify invoice information
  61. Facturation address
  62. Monthly costs paid twice!
  63. i cant login
  64. Boost download speed
  65. Paid for upgrade yesterday but still only have 25GB!!??
  66. Invoice Language
  67. When month payment will made
  68. Subscription Purchased Upgrade Failed
  69. how to pay - change credit card issue
  70. Pay For Year
  71. Invoice for hubiC
  72. My account suspended
  73. Collaboration
  74. Prélévement mensuel
  75. problema con la cuenta
  76. Corporate Accounts
  77. Account disactivated
  78. I changed the payment card ... the problem
  79. Family account
  80. System requirements
  81. Trojan detected in Upgrade 2.1.0 for Windows version
  82. suspension del servicio en la nube
  83. Durability?
  84. Facture avec VAT
  85. Paid upgrade still not upgraded
  86. Getting really irritated with Payments
  87. Ticket#2015012719004033
  88. HubiC Privacy Policy
  89. What happens to data if premium account is cancelled?
  90. Invoices header
  91. Some todos are pending on your account, please wait.
  92. Android app permissions
  93. Critical issue
  94. completed the steps required urgent reactivate my account again thanks
  95. Urgent lost my data hubiC
  96. Missing invoices
  97. help please urgent consideration reactivate suspended
  98. Credit Card Information
  99. as I can change the package 10tb at 100gb urgent
  100. Adding automatic payment method isn't working, at least for me
  101. Cancelled Account but still getting emails from you in French
  102. A question about hubiC limitations
  103. contact pour offre collective hubic
  104. invoice wrong details and lenguage
  105. Can not upgrade account to 10TB
  106. Paid for 10TB; payment OK but extra space disappeared 2 days ago
  107. cancel hubic keep 25 gig plan
  108. Deleted account
  109. Suspendu mon Hubic? plazo Du 13 Janvier 2015 au 12 Février 2015
  110. Can i use hubiC on Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials? + Pre-Sales Questions
  111. Account soon expired without possibility to change to 100GO offer
  112. Cancel hubic service
  113. Problem with delayed payment
  114. probleme synchronisation
  115. Activate account
  116. Confidential to HUBIC STAFF - Possible problem with credit card
  117. Account Offline/Suspendit
  118. New Hubic app on blackberry in 2014 ?
  119. Account deleted after payment received
  120. Other plans than 100GB and 10TB?
  121. Invoices in English?
  122. Delete Account
  123. Yearly invoicing
  124. Difference between sync and backup
  125. Renewal
  126. Move backup to files
  127. I would love to be a hubiC PRO user but I was forced to move to DropBox Pro. Why?
  128. Ha desaparecido la cuenta de 10TB
  129. Facture 3€ introuvable et non remboursée
  130. delete files and close account
  131. HD smaller than 10Tb
  132. I need official APK
  133. Lost payment card
  134. Annual payment
  135. Is it possible to have more than 10TB?
  136. nothing syncronizing
  137. payment again
  138. Some questions regarding data security / bandwidth
  139. Configure credit card
  140. Paiement annuel 10 To
  141. Paid for 10TB...payment approved...but still no extra space showing
  142. payment
  143. Can I have my invoice in English please.
  144. Where is my space or money!!!
  145. Invoice Language
  146. Account sizes
  147. payment
  148. 100TB Offer
  149. Liste des magasins Auchan distribuant Hubic
  150. Translation program
  151. Can I get two or three 100GB to have larger storage like 200GB or 300GB? 1TB is alot!
  152. Bandwidth limit
  153. Service downgrade
  154. Problème numéro de téléphone
  155. I can't upgrade my account to 100G
  156. Paiement pour un an au lieu d'un paiement tous les mois
  157. trouble inputing my phone with country code
  158. Language and payments
  159. Poland?
  160. No Support, Not International at all, is it a fraud?
  161. Manegerv3
  162. Regist credit card
  163. Letter of terms and conditions / Germany
  164. Problems paying
  165. Impossible accéder à mon espace
  166. Where are the linux downloads
  167. What's up with the support?
  168. Can't access my account after Payment Problems
  169. prices with VAT
  170. my payment was charged twice
  171. Not ready for international business yet?
  172. Problème d'upgrade de mon compte
  173. Annual subscription
  174. No way to update payment details
  175. Missing Folders
  176. Mails in German or English
  177. Billed even though I removed my payment options several weeks ago
  178. Time limit as to how long the files will stay
  179. Upgraded acct to long before I have the extra space?
  180. Can't access my account
  181. Overdue Billing - Cannot pay
  182. Few questions regarding the use of the service
  183. Customize my account with my logo?
  184. When is a Date not a Date...
  185. Adding payment method for automatic renewal does not work
  186. Account compromised *** help ***
  187. You guys are crooks!
  188. Account Suspended
  189. Is there an undelete function
  190. downgrade to 100TB
  191. Any other payment method?
  192. Older Visa Debi Card Change
  193. VAT exempt
  194. New registration
  195. subscribe and paying 1 or 2 years in advance
  196. Buy multiple accounts for clients
  197. Storage question: Only Sync or separate briefcase storage too
  198. Cancel Account
  199. Secondary account/further upgrades
  200. speed limit
  201. Upload / Download speed
  202. So long....
  203. Cannot buy upgrade from free to 100GB!
  204. Upgrade paid for but not upgraded
  205. App marketplace and/or partner pogram?
  206. Terms and conditions in english please
  207. T&C's
  208. Offres 2014
  209. Customer service levels
  210. facturation
  211. Impossible to upgrade