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Technical Topics

  1. Web App - vue racine incorrecte
  2. Moving large files
  3. Exclude folders to be downloaded /synchronized from hubic
  4. Impossibilité de télécharger des fichiers > 2Go - HELP :)
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  9. Is there any mail notification?
  10. security & privacy of hubC / private key?
  11. Posting links to files stored on Hubic on the website
  12. Mon compte est vide mais Hubic montre un usage de 19.91 Go
  13. Impossible to delete a folder in the web app
  14. File synchronisation Android
  15. Problem with hubiC-
  16. 10TB means I need 10TB of disk space too ?
  17. Disable simultaneous upload (Windows client)?
  18. New user issues
  19. Photos disparues, il ne reste plus que les répertoires
  20. When uploading a file if I move to another level of Hubic the upload start over again
  21. Moving large files through the web interface
  22. Token retrieved error on Android-App
  23. Delete all Files
  24. reindexation de mon espace Hubic 100 Go pour revenir à mon quota distant réel ?
  25. How to delete old backups?
  26. Error 403
  27. Adding folders to synchronise
  28. Bandwidth problems
  29. Can't Login to Hubic
  30. Slow up/down from USA Version Fios
  31. Account not working right
  32. Linux synchronisation error: Skip synchronisation for <filename>: Incorrect size
  33. How to delete all files and folders on Hubic storage?
  34. Le délai d'attente de l'opération a expiré
  35. Folders (deleting problems)
  36. perte de synchronisation
  37. Hubic nouvellement enregistré mais erreur de connexion
  38. Photo file uploads should be named after the original date&time [iOS]
  39. Deleted folders were restored
  40. Copy File
  41. hubic windows app client bug
  42. Hubic Mac App: Loading Error / Skip Synchronisation Message
  43. Slow upload (2MB/s) and download (1MB/s) from Germany
  44. Upload file size limit
  45. Order 10TB hubic but not activated
  46. Error in Windows while synchronizing
  47. Differential Syncronization problem
  48. newly registered but can't login hubiC
  49. Can't login, account suspended, trying to update payment
  50. Slow upload and download speeds on OS X Mavericks
  51. Connection failed: data protection failed
  52. Security vulnerbilities
  53. Hubic Windows application crashes on Windows 8.1
  54. wrong used storage amount
  55. Procedure Forgot the password don't work - username or password wrong
  56. Language setting on
  57. login difficult
  58. No activation e-mail received and got error 500
  59. HD space and syncronization
  60. Crashes Finder on Mac
  61. 500 internal server error
  62. Dissapointed - Moving files: doesn't work as expected!.
  63. Signup issue!!
  64. Deletion of files on the computer
  65. move folders
  66. Hubic Explorer 0.4.8 doesn't work
  67. Folders named 'root' do not appear in directory tree
  68. Automatic backup scheduled
  69. not possible to delete payment method
  70. iOS app: Syncing over cellular
  71. PHP Download not works
  72. Language switch in payment process
  73. 10TB Storage Payment Authorised
  74. Most slower service for storing files on the web.
  75. Error during sincronization
  76. hubic app causes Windows 7 repair disc creation to crash
  77. Auto Backup Folder Sync error
  78. Copyrighted Material
  79. Preventing one folder to sync
  80. Uploading photos problem
  81. Making a non-synced cloud-based disc store
  82. Account created, but no activation e-mail sent
  83. Impossibilité d'activation de compte Hubic
  84. Bug et suppression de 1,9 To sur mon compte Hubic !
  85. Finalizing Web Uploads
  86. storage volume is displayed incorrectly
  87. Question regarding synchronisation.
  88. Reclaim Space
  89. Am I missing something!
  90. Showing incorrect disk space
  91. rsync
  92. Issue when using Expandrive
  93. Payment notification in french
  94. Depuis plusieurs jours, j'ai "Oops,an error occured (500). Please retry later."
  95. Problem synchronizing my data
  96. Linux Client stopped working under xubuntu 14.04
  97. How to use HubiC with Amazon S3 compatible (OpenstackAPI) applications?
  98. Can't access my hubic account from anywhere
  99. Issue when copying files !
  100. Delete all files
  101. Slow Speed
  102. Impossible login, 500 Internal Server Error
  103. Upload stalls at 1GB of a 3.50GB file
  104. Erreur login: 500 Internal Server Error
  105. Moving Dropbox user into hubic
  106. How can we save several disk
  107. SDCARD isnt showing for uploads
  108. Impossible login, 500 Internal Server Error
  109. one way sync
  110. Impossible de se connecter depuis hier soir, ni par l'appli, ni par le navigateur...
  111. Password Cannot Be Reset
  112. Hubic Linux a supprimé mon fichier plus important
  113. Remove iPhone hubiC content without delete
  114. Upload just stops/pauses and you can't resume/restart
  115. Shared Link
  116. Error with the names of downloaded files or folders
  117. simple file storage
  118. Unsubscribe
  119. cant login to hubic
  120. Upload speed very slow?
  121. Storage Empty but usage not empty
  122. [BUG] Conflicts are generated when synchronising a file currently in use
  123. Syncing over network?
  124. Using external app on hubic
  125. Win7 hubic program not accessible
  126. Desconect desktop application after password change
  127. Cannot Delete Folder
  128. Restore data after HDD crash
  129. syncing
  130. FTP Data?
  131. Illogical registration form?
  132. Synchronization-Backup problem
  133. Offline PC use
  134. annoying popup window when starting hubic, asking for admin credentials
  135. Firefoxl File Upload Problems
  136. Linux Beta Login Problems
  137. Hubic account compromised
  138. Billing Issue
  139. Hubic, solution en entreprise
  140. Hubic plante un logiciel DAO sous windows
  141. Can't log in
  142. My upload keeps on "Operación en Curso"... since 24h ago
  143. Cant to upgrade my account
  144. HOW: upload multiple files in multiple folders
  145. Android App crashes after taking a picture
  146. SQLITE database file is locked
  147. Deleting via web app
  148. Cannot MOVE : "Moving" message during +30 minutes and still on...
  149. hubic quota problem
  150. Account in Limbo
  151. Massive error while synchronizing /home/user
  152. Command line always returning error rearding to connection
  153. how to delete from my PC?
  154. Server reply : 405 - Not Allowed
  155. problem with upgrading
  156. Disable simultaneous upload (Linux client)?
  157. hubiC usage not updating
  158. Service indisponible lors de la sauvegarde de mon iphone
  159. Backup for my photo collection
  160. Is Hubic corrupting my data?
  161. Server response : 405 - Method Not Allowed
  162. Encryption at rest?
  163. Get this error when attempting to pay for more storage
  164. Ajout de fichiers - Blocage à la fin de transfert de fichier
  165. erreur 405
  166. service unavailable during backup my iphone
  167. Possible bug : Folder lost upon installing on a second PC
  168. Gestion simultanée 2 comptes Hubic
  169. Error 500
  170. Installation and syncronisation on ssd storage
  171. Debian 7 HubiC cant start/login
  172. Cannot download big files
  173. Hubic bug destroys data
  174. Domain not accepted for API?
  175. Linux Client can not log in - OAuth error
  176. Thunderbir addon doesn't work
  177. Accidental delete - restore data
  178. Simple up- and download with sftp or other ssh/scp tools?
  179. SSL bug Heartbleed
  180. Hubic oublie que j'ai un compte
  181. Error - "database disk image is malformed"
  182. Can not buy more space - application form does not like phone number
  183. Log In and Password Not Working
  184. Does Hubic support webdav?
  185. Is there any NAS compatible solution with hubic?
  186. Cannot install hubiC on Ubuntu (Trusty Tahr beta)
  187. heavy synchronization/upload issues since Friday 4th of april
  188. Is there any way to contact the hubiC team to solve sync problems?
  189. Hubic VS dropbox
  190. Possible bug - Can not synchronise... Source is same as destination
  191. Double Folders - Duplicate Folders
  192. BUG: thumbs display
  193. Cannot remove files
  194. Hubic Sync Time Bug
  195. FAO cubic staff: Charged twice!
  196. transfer google drive to hubic
  197. Space used problem
  198. Upload via WebApp is slow ...
  199. Problems uploading large files
  200. Need Help Using Hubic with Duplicity
  201. Cancel account
  202. iOS app won't load
  203. la réindexation repart de zéro à chaque redémarrage
  204. Upload poor
  205. hubiC Impossible de se connecter
  206. Mot de passe
  207. Le nom distant n'a pas pu etre résolu:
  208. Annulation de publication impossible
  209. Post code wrong
  210. Problème de Synchronisation
  211. Unexpected character encountered while parsing value
  212. Standard Linux Tool/Protocoll Access (Rsync, webdav..) support?
  213. Impossible d'installer le logiciel Hubic sous Windows 7 ou 8 : message d'erreur
  214. Ipad and Iphone Apps not working
  215. Can't share/publish files.
  216. I can no longer log in
  217. Impossibe d'installer Hubic
  218. I cant register in hubiC - Problem with Phone Number - Buying 10TB Plan
  219. Cannot modify account information (postcode and telephone number rejected)
  220. Mismatch with respect to usage reported by hubiC PC application and website.
  221. Unexpected character encountered while parsing error upon programme startup
  222. I just want to STORE several terabytes of files on the cloud.not sync
  223. iOS app does not work
  224. Need assistance with new version just downloaded
  225. Linux app, can't log in
  226. Impossible de se connecter : le service est temporairement indisponible
  227. Problem with moving files
  228. With new upgrade still doesn'T synchronize
  229. Synchronization Conflict - problème de conflit lors synchronisation
  230. Today, 06-Mar-2014 , update HubiC on Windows removing all files on HubiC
  231. As a first-time user...
  232. Update doesn't work! Worst than before!
  233. String DATETIME non recognized
  234. login problem webapp
  235. Major account bug
  236. No puedo sincronizar (Can not synchronise)
  237. Spam in the forum
  238. Cannot see files and folders in the webinterface
  239. Problem: Can not synchronise
  240. Web Interface Storage usage
  241. URL does not change in the api sandbox help
  242. Website forces redirect if you are logged in
  243. Crash: Ovh.Hubic.Interface.Exceptions.NetworkError: Bad Gateway
  244. Crash: Ovh.Hubic.Interface.Exceptions.NetworkError: Timeout
  245. Android editing hubic document
  246. synchronisation
  247. Impossible to upgrade my account
  248. Impossibilité de deplacement d un fichier de 4 gigas :" Server Reply : 0-error
  249. Swift & Url temporaires : 500 Internal Error
  250. hubiC Mac Client Skipping Files