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Technical Topics

  1. Problème de synchronisation
  2. synchronisation dossier sur disque externe
  3. A propos des liens téléchargeables
  4. Upload data from NAS to hubiC BY IP ADDRESS, PORT AT NIGHT
  5. I signed up for a year subscription to 10tb storage and have had no email response.
  6. 10 day limit on sharing? What happened to 30 days
  7. StrImput
  8. Install Hubic on OpenElec
  9. [Linux Client] - Is it possible to pause backups?
  10. Stupid connection error on Windows + other error on android app
  11. error
  12. Post invalid
  13. Low upload speed (near to zero)
  14. Not Active
  15. Windows 10 ?
  16. my card charged twice!
  17. Free Plan
  18. Downloadspeed limited?
  19. BIG BUG - Used space error - Interrupted backup
  20. Access Denied Error !
  21. How to change settings for sync
  22. Purger la file de changements
  23. Erreur réseau
  24. hubiC and Asustor AS-302T
  25. hubic for linux
  26. Upload speed too slow
  27. upload directories
  28. I can't believe it! How to search a file in HUBIC?
  29. Photo Resolution
  30. Phantom files in my HubiC storage
  31. Upload infiniment lente
  32. Trouble Installing HubiC app on latpop
  33. No access to
  34. MD5 checksum of uploaded files
  35. Credit card issue
  36. Unable to update billing information
  37. IPAD APP can NOT delete local data
  38. Hubic Windows application crashes (Windows 7)
  39. Download an image from my backup not possible
  40. linux : ContainerMissing
  41. Hubic ; Linux client not working
  42. Usage as a network drive
  43. A questions about sharing
  44. What is required to access a shared folder in hubiC?
  45. hubic says that I'm using 1,44 TB ...I think it is wrong
  46. Connexion impossible
  47. E acces permission denied
  48. Recover as much as possible
  49. Unable to connect
  50. Can't retrieve files. HELP
  51. HubiC on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  52. Bug report on backup.
  53. What
  54. Server Response 404 on Facebook and Twitter Referal
  55. I purchased a 10 TB account but I am unable to upload a 3 TB folder
  56. Can't retrieve files. Lost files?
  57. Help with Backup
  58. Problems with the first login after setup
  59. Nominees can't access my shared folder, why?
  60. Win 10... OK
  61. Close account
  62. Can't access my files
  63. hubic login [Error] Permission denied. Command failed: System.InvalidOperationExcepti
  64. Dans Hubic, fichiers disparus ? (Disapeared files in Hubic ?)
  65. "Je n'ai pas accès à ma compte hubic"
  66. Does HubiC compress files when uploading or downloading them?
  67. Access the hubiC
  68. pagos pendientes par poder acceder a mi cuenta hubic/outstanding payments to access m
  69. Problem with login
  70. No icon on VIsta
  71. Why does my phonekeep shutting down before it finishes backing up?
  72. Incompatible with Latest MAC OS 10.11 Capitan
  73. hubic web panel - space taken
  74. Where is the restore backup button??
  75. Account issues
  76. Longueur Nom de fichers
  77. Is it possible files only conection?
  78. Server response : 405 - Not Allowed
  79. Duplicati 2.0 on hubiC
  80. Hubic kills internet connection (bad flow)
  81. An exception was thrown by the type initializer for DBus.Bus.
  82. Cant transfer big files
  83. Hubic does not seem to work with Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan
  84. Account reindexation
  85. Versioning
  86. Server reply : 500 - Internal Server Error
  87. Folders synchronize
  88. Nouvelle carte de paiement
  89. Delete Hubic from Mac?
  90. Payment didn't go through, how can I pay and reactivate my Storage?
  91. Folder size not match
  92. Long time until hubiC starts to synchronize
  93. What exactly does "Changes in queue: xx other(s)" mean?
  94. hubiC for Windows will not uploaded anything from backup folder.
  95. hubiC running on Mac Yosemite
  96. Sync with Synology Cloud Sync not possible
  97. Change password , but desktop app continue running whith the old password
  98. Connection failed
  99. impossible to change password
  100. I closed my account ?
  101. Difficult file names
  102. Unable to change backup settings
  103. log out problem android
  104. Used space showing twice as much as really used
  105. Server reply : 405 - Not Allowed
  106. Server reply : 405 - Not Allowed
  107. Problem with sharing "Server reply : 405 - Not Allowed"
  108. Lost file
  109. PAgo de 10 TB y no se ha actualizado
  110. ***IMPORTANT*** Increased space, gave payment details, nothing happened
  111. effacement de sauvegardes
  112. Message d'erreur suppression dossier
  113. Delete Problem
  114. Storage Empty but usage not empty!
  115. Got an error during synchonization messages
  116. Upload of 56GB needs 2 weeks/24h/d - frustrating
  117. Validite d'un liens à plus de 30 jours
  118. Problem with folder when sharing...
  119. Hubic - Recycle bin
  120. Iirrational payment, unlawful accound blocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  121. slow up- and download | aborted download
  122. Backup in progres (progress) never-ending
  123. Incremental Upload/Download
  124. Keeping original file dates on uploaded items....Possible?
  125. Récupération d'un fichier important disparu de mon ordi
  126. auto uploads
  127. problème de ping en Irlande
  128. Older version of files
  129. 500 - Internal Server Error pour la suppression de sauvegarde
  130. Upload of big file always restart
  131. Syncing problem. Trying to work out the best method
  132. Add Hubic as HDD
  133. How do you create a container for a backup to go in?
  134. Plus d'accès à mon compte
  135. Android not synchronized
  136. Multiple Monthly Charges
  137. Daily Backup
  138. Android: Where are my files?
  139. extremely slow backup of small files
  140. how to cancel a backup in progress?
  141. search engine
  142. Possible to see how many times a file was downloaded?
  143. Out of space due to backup. Cannot delete backup due to out of space.
  144. Missing accents. The uncompressed file's names is different than original names..
  145. The database disk image is malformed
  146. Saving with tablet
  147. Download previous versions of a backup
  148. ANDROID : error
  149. [backup] Problem using attach or restore with name watchit-dump-2015-05-16
  150. Transfert sur Hubic de Fichier de + de 4Go
  151. Linux client won't work
  152. High/inefficient resource usage on Windows
  153. Pls stop the invoices. You cancelled me, I reopened new account and you still invoice
  154. my mastercard charged twice!
  155. Mes sauvegardes
  156. Problème SAUVEGARDE : Erreur : Got unexpected HTTP status: 400
  157. Can't use hubiC anymore - Mac OS Yosemite - no icon
  158. PMd Support about my account closure,
  159. Ovh.Hubic.Interface.Exceptions.NetworkError: Timeout
  160. Impossible de supprimer données
  161. Linux hubic init.d service scripts for running backups on server
  162. Perte d'un dossier sur Hubic
  163. Récupération de données supprimées
  164. nouvelle installation sur serveur ovh : "Checking for Internet connectivity..."
  165. Following instructions, yet: "Cannot contact daemon, are you sure it is running?
  166. hubiC doesn't reconnect after having network connection
  167. Several errors
  168. "start-upload" via HD
  169. no visible "other actions" menu after selecting file in backup
  170. No service
  171. Paid twice for 100GB, get nothing
  172. I can not log into your account and password reminder does not work
  173. synology drive
  174. Server response : 500 - 500 Internal Server Error after new account creation
  175. i cannot login to make payment to my account
  176. Updatebackup folder structure
  177. Changing computers - change Hubic to sync new computer and delete old sync?
  178. Was Never Notified About Expiring Password. Now I'm Locked Out of My Own Account.
  179. Server response : 500 - 500 Internal Server Error
  180. I lost my photos
  181. Updraftplus (on a Wordpress site) and Hubic
  182. Para que tanta capacidad con tan mala velocidad
  183. how to reopen a closed account
  184. Credit Card Failed - Account Suspended - Help
  185. Confirmation email
  186. Después de tres horas para subir un fichero me dice que hay problema de red
  187. Webdav data access
  188. Error message 405
  189. cant log into my account
  190. email new account
  191. Plantage d'Hubic par Windows
  192. confirmation email not received
  193. Backup error of bigger files
  194. Error in access web or app windows
  195. Can't download my backups via web
  196. Terrible speeds from web interface and third party programs.
  197. Upload Performance from Singapore
  198. Bought 100GB extra, no disk space added
  199. Can't open an account with my email
  200. Plan upgrade problem
  201. Not sync certain folders?
  202. No confirmation email
  203. Problem with responsive design at and login page
  204. Hubic fails to install in Windows 2003 Server
  205. Unable to confirm registration
  206. Sync timeouts
  207. folder inaccessible
  208. Not confirmation email
  209. All files gone after connecting new computer to hubiC
  210. Native IPV6 access to hubic?
  211. Performance from the other side of the world (New Zealand)
  212. Unknown error occurred during the identification process.
  213. Problème chargement des sauvegardes
  214. new payment
  215. Half the price? How about double storage?
  216. netdrive command line login credentials
  217. File history
  218. Edit files with link
  219. Datacenters
  220. destop app won't stay running on osx, crash after auth
  221. Wrong calculation of disk storage
  222. Impossible to login and reset password
  223. No access to my account
  224. Can NOT install software
  225. Unable to Login - Account vanished??!!
  226. local drive space used?
  227. Could I have multiple hubic accounts on my mobile?
  228. Urgent!!! I need my account to be removed and my money back!!!
  229. terminate account
  230. Where is my account?
  231. Business Account
  232. How to make hubic run as a daemon on a linux server
  233. Insufficient system resources error
  234. Probleme de synchronisation sur Mac
  235. Is Sync and Backup available to 25GB Accounts?
  236. Wrong segment size. Will retry later.
  237. My account is locked
  238. cannot synchronise, database disk image is malformed
  239. Piratage compte ?
  240. How to get the 2.5 TB for free?
  241. Urgent: I can not access my account
  242. Anable synchronization
  243. Download not complete
  244. Can't log in
  245. Moving folders and folder getting deleted
  246. double account
  247. Installed hubiC but can't find the hubiC folder???
  248. Delete a backuped file
  249. Detach backup?
  250. Several general questions for Hubic Staff