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Technical Topics

  1. Aucune mise à jour depuis un an. Produit abandonné ?
  2. Dépôt de fichier vidéos sur la partie synchro impossible
  3. Problem to connect from OS X
  4. Expiry time of a file?
  5. Compte inaccessible
  6. limited upload speed to 10M
  7. How to contact hubiC?
  8. Deleting a hard drive isn't freeing up space
  9. versioning backup request
  10. Compte inaccessible
  11. Moving files to one folder to another
  12. No more access to my Hubic account
  13. find hubitic
  14. Account Kündigung
  15. [Full Refund] I'm cancelling my account. The service is unusable at this speed.
  16. Subscription cancelled yet still being billed
  17. How to know the size of files or folders using the web browser
  18. [Full Refund] I'm cancelling my account. The service is unusable at this speed.
  19. Données perdues
  20. restore deleted files from Cloud
  21. Lancement automatique de l'appli bureautique ne fonctionne plus
  22. Hubic storage account creation - Account in limbo - No response from
  23. Cancelled membership
  24. Linux Client with GUI
  25. Customer support / payment issues
  26. How to switch language: I'm getting all my emails in French
  27. Duplicate Invoice
  28. can't access to my account and pay invoices
  29. backup timeout
  30. Problem extension to 10TO
  31. Can't Delete My Account.
  32. Add my Card
  33. Cara Tante Aborsi Menggugurkan Kandungan Usia 1-6 Bulan 081220580097
  34. Fail registration
  35. I can't connect
  36. Server reply: 405 Not Allowed (Apps : Delete a voluminous backup)
  37. Test Ajout de message
  38. Mengandung Tanpa Rencana???
  39. Invoices
  40. Hubic deletes local files
  41. Impossible de se connecter à l'application Mac
  42. Login problem from both web and app on phone.
  43. Deleted items
  44. Can't Open hubic app on MacOS Sierra
  45. Conflict between Outlook and Hubic
  46. Backup recovery - timed out
  47. File corruption: HEAD request is ok but GET fails
  48. Windows Live Mail to PST
  49. Hubic and ExpanDrive Reporting different content
  50. Issue with downloading from backup
  51. Deleting Backups gives error
  52. Endlessly in Queue
  53. system to speed up the upload
  54. Can i upload 1 single 1TB compressed .ZIP file?
  55. Sauvegarde de mon Ipad impossible...requête expirée
  56. [Full Refund] I'm cancelling my account. The service is unusable at this speed.
  57. Free space problem
  58. Error in download
  59. Merge/ upgrade a 100gb account into a 10tb account
  60. Recycling bin
  61. Hubic data loss when hdd crash
  62. Hubic downloads data at 2.5 MB/s every 4 seconds for "changes discovery in progress"
  63. Invoice hubiceu364065
  64. Purging Data
  65. Repeated files skipped backup and then network error message on backup
  66. I paid HubiC 10TB 25/9/2016 and I can see only size 30GB
  67. Files disappeared after synchronization
  68. Refund
  69. sync command from Linux to my Hubic drive
  70. Back Up frozen
  71. Does hubiC encrypts data at rest?
  72. Internal server error when changing password
  73. Create an account ERROR!
  74. Server response : 405 - Not Allowed while trying to print invoice
  75. Error 405
  76. Secure some files on line
  77. Mac OS X - files update problem
  78. Hubic incompatible with Windows 10
  79. Multiple files selection for download alter file name structure
  80. upload speed
  81. Hubic client windows ne se connecte plus
  82. velocidad muy lenta a la hora de recuperar archivos desde copias de seguridad
  83. erreur sur mot de passe
  84. Error accessing account
  85. can't remove folder(s)
  86. I can't open my account
  87. Signature in profile? how?
  88. Different amount of available space from 2 differnt location
  89. iPhone backup failure
  90. Card refusing to verify
  91. Server reply: 405 Not Allowed lors de la suppression d'un repertoire
  92. hubic backup does not send other folders
  93. Save apps
  94. Mac OS App not connecting
  95. Password change and affected devices
  96. Impossible to delete a backup
  97. Convert Backup
  98. LInux client doesn't perform the synchronization
  99. Merge 100 GB accounts into a 10 TB account
  100. New MAC Client
  101. Sync notifications not appearing for files in folder
  102. Buy real registered passports,visas,driver license( ssn
  103. Hubic account
  104. Many "FileNotFound" errors?
  105. What happend with 9tb saved data when i stop to pay the 10TB account?
  106. Some questions
  107. Issues with speed
  108. Erreurs de sauvegarde
  109. 405 - Not Allowed
  110. Hubic Support: Space capacity is still 25GB not 10TB of data
  111. non si apre hubic dopo averlo reinstallato su mac
  112. Use of certificate pinning
  113. Suppression d'un répertoire
  114. Sauvegarde impossible
  115. Where do I find downloaded videos?
  116. File Share - cannot publish a share link
  117. Problem with soft links to non-existent files
  118. In the last Weeks the Hubic cluod server is slowing down the upload and download
  119. Impossible de publier
  120. Sftp ?
  121. Files Missing - Help!!!!!!
  122. Cannot publish any files or folders
  123. Cannot retrieve 99% of my files through the android or web interfaces
  124. Hard Drive Storage - Gone....
  125. 10Mbps bandwidth limitation
  126. Connection Failed: The request was aborted: Could not create secure SSL/TLS secure ..
  127. Hubic account VS. OVH account??
  128. Error 405 - not allowed and data loss
  129. Unexpected HTTP Status 500
  130. Cloud Media Player for hubiC!
  131. Problème upload
  132. Payment
  133. Stop asking me to pay :mad:
  134. Service is rubbish
  135. lots of http 500 errors, can't create backup task in synology hyper backup
  136. Files are missing!!! Refund!!!
  137. Deplacement de Fichiers/Dossiers
  138. Today: registered new account, cannot login!
  139. Deleted everything, quota still shows 57.5% full
  140. server hubic lb1040 broken ?
  141. Can't move big files in the webapp
  142. Security Problems
  143. It is take a lot of time to upload a backup
  144. I would like to withdraw from Hubic cloud >> impossible ???
  145. All of my files are gone
  146. The uploaded files are missing!!!
  147. Unable te remove backup
  148. Removing Audio from Video Easily
  149. syn mac issue data protection failed
  150. Big files have gone after uploaded via web
  151. [Tip] - Diplay Hubic Icon overlays in Windows 10
  152. Can't log in to my account
  153. Stuck on Deleting backup
  154. hubiC syncing hidden files
  155. 500 Internal Server Error
  156. Login error on android app
  157. Server reply : 504 - Gateway Time-out
  158. Hubic desktop app issues
  159. Can access my account; No response from Hubic in a week!
  160. Impossible de me connecter
  161. Deleting files and folders
  162. Data Protection Failed
  163. Broken link
  164. Backup problem error 500
  165. Cannot move file - Server reply : 504 - Gateway Time-out
  166. Practically impossible to restore data due to extreme slow dl.
  167. Set the time for an automatic backup to take place
  168. Tech Support Please Error 500 Login
  169. Suspended account
  170. 405 errors
  171. Account disabled?
  172. Echec mise a jour Hubic 2.1.1
  173. can i edit backup files or how do I handle it
  174. When will the service be usable again !
  175. Windows backup client with file history
  176. Can t access to my account
  177. empty account but occupied space 500gb
  178. Acabo de ser baneado
  179. Subir carpetas completas al espacion gratuito
  180. Cannot delete folders
  181. Double payment Hubic.
  182. Download 4k Video Free
  183. Copies made by sync confilicts
  184. There was an error posting. Server reply: 500 - Internal Server Error
  185. Historique mot de passe / accès logs (.db)
  186. Cannot access to my account - ERROR 500
  187. Why did HubiC delete all the files on my computer?
  188. Will a backed up folder remain in the cloud if I delete the local (source) folder?
  189. Problemi, Problem
  190. Sync error - File not Found
  191. locky files
  192. Problem with files
  193. Problem with payments
  194. Can not publish any file
  195. "Internal Server Error (500)" upon registration and login
  196. Two day waiting I need help with a account that has error 500. Exist the support?
  197. Problem with payment
  198. Installed but not working
  199. Not synching >:(
  200. Is this a bug ?
  201. windows 10 issue
  202. Issues logging in
  203. Problem with autentication account administració
  204. Upload Speed
  205. Paramétrage de l'emplacement du dossier de synchro
  206. Upload error
  207. Synology Hyper Backup - Task Creation failed
  208. disparition inquiétante
  209. Hubic & Synology : pb de visionnage des sauvegardes
  210. Toujours envahis par des posts en Coréen
  211. Server response : 500 - 500 Internal Server Error
  212. Many Problems!
  213. Perte de l'icône HUBIC sur iMac
  214. Indentifiant ou mot de passe incorrect
  215. making a publication link is impossible for weeks now
  216. Hubic 10Tb Plan - Expandrive can't see free space => can't use more than 50 Gb
  217. Can´t delete files
  218. Server Reply 500 publication and share
  219. Problem folder lost with new name Copy of FOLDERNAME (case conflict from 01-29-20...
  220. Login ou mot de passe incorrect
  221. Erreur inconnue lors du process d'identification. Server response : 500
  222. Download
  223. internal server error when trying to create an account, error 500 when trying to logi
  224. Back up folders are not backing up
  225. Hubic Server performance
  226. Missing Synology Backup Files on HubiC
  227. Macosx capitan
  228. In my account hubic, i can't share a file
  229. DSM6 HyperBackup to Hubic..
  230. Problemi con Icloud
  231. Slow download speed.
  232. Synchronization problems in Windows 10
  233. Spam abuse on this forum
  234. Server reply : 500 - Internal Server Error
  235. Decreasing and my data.
  236. Impossible de récuperer mes fichiers sauvegardés
  237. MAC OSX hubic does not start up
  238. Spam using .ovh adresses
  239. Manage Attachments in forum editor fails
  240. User/hubiC-provided link goes to empty page
  241. I can't access in my account
  242. Hubic Windows app incompatible with Windows 10
  243. Account not accessible
  244. Delete file on Hubic but local copy not deleted
  245. Problemas copia de seguridad, no encuentra archivo o tiempo excedido
  246. No me descarga copias de seguridad
  247. No veo carpetas y archivos en la nube en mi móvil
  248. Account expiring?
  249. How can I delete subfolders from a backup?
  250. hubic start yesterday its running very slow with timeouts