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Feature Requests

  1. Some updates or life please
  2. Improvements in Backup suggested
  3. Do you really exist? Is there any one form OVH here?
  4. How to stop a running backup?
  5. versionning and restore directories
  6. Restore a subfolder
  7. View online PDF
  8. Select directories to exclude from sync
  9. Copy from Sync to Backup on Hubic server side (BIG saving for Hubic on traffic!)
  10. Bonus come invitato
  11. easy withdraw fro Hubic > today its impossible ???
  12. Video upload on WINDOWS PHONE 8.1/10
  13. Plz consider integrating with odrive, storage manager
  14. sharing folders between hubic accounts
  15. Picasaweb-like web album
  16. Facture: comme nous pouvons la regler?
  17. Fonction du choix des dossier à synchroniser, sur plusieurs partitions
  18. File resume is needed BADLY
  19. Outil de migration depuis d'autres Clouds
  20. WebApp - User Feedback for actions in progress
  21. Linux - Command line interface in 2016?
  22. Server response : 405 - Not Allowed
  23. File name is Chinese, the name of the downloaded file errors
  24. Automatic Shutdown When Sync Completes
  25. Sharing folders with other hubic users?
  26. Synchronization on a Folder desynchronized
  27. Sharing files with cross feeding
  28. Password
  29. Can you get someone to Clean out the Spam
  30. Ability to share a backup
  31. "Recycle Bin" feature
  32. Zenga Zbenga
  33. HubiC Android - display hubiC photos in Gallery like Dropbox
  34. HubiC Android - option to automatically upload videos same like photos
  35. how to fast sync?
  36. Option to disable notification messageboxes
  37. trouble synchronization
  38. Uploading into folders
  39. Option to Sync only Subfolders
  40. Share follow-up : how many times a shared file was downloaded - share statistics
  41. Simple access.
  42. Easy enhancement
  43. RoadMap
  44. Shared link for longer period
  45. Add ORDER option on MyBackup
  46. Moderators being 18+
  47. Various problems
  48. Personal Cloud User system
  49. Backup folder Properties with size and number of files
  50. uploading error, upload again possibility
  51. Visible upload progress
  52. Add folders with the files inside it
  53. New features
  54. Sonos Feature
  55. a way to efficiently upload a large collection of files
  56. no connections
  57. Display Files number in the current directory
  58. Request for more plans. 500GB, 1TB and 5TB plans
  59. simplify "reconnect hard disk" procedure
  60. BUG - Impossible to delete my backup
  61. Sharing updates
  62. Howto: Automatic hubiC login on SSH connection.
  63. Official Kimsufi -> hubiC backup solution!
  64. Backup, keep deleted and restoring
  65. Unlimited days of sharing files and a bandwidth limit
  66. do something about the spammers on this board
  67. upload folders
  68. Download count
  69. Searching files
  70. Download Compression.
  71. Possibility to stop upload of some files
  72. 10 TB 10 €/mes (IVA incluido)5€ /mes (IVA incluido
  73. List of Demands
  74. Send to
  75. Two-step verification
  76. Ftp and multi-cloud sync apps support
  77. Size information on hubiC Web interface
  78. improvement app descktop
  79. cannot change password
  80. Office 2013 Add place (in the cloud)
  81. Cannot upload all files
  82. A working server
  83. Full i18n on webpages and email
  84. A proper customer support system
  85. New payment should trigger event on client to refresh quota
  86. Folder creation, when uploading files via mobile app (android)
  87. files-counting-function in the web-browser version
  88. New backup feature is useful, but ...
  89. Hubic as a cloud sync provider for media server
  90. iOS app requests
  91. Sync arbitrary folders
  92. Partage vidéos: visualisation (langue des signes)
  93. Streaming Music
  94. Mail Alert once synchroniz ends or failed
  95. Filter on file extension
  96. QNAP application
  97. Typo when signing up
  98. Proxy
  99. Upload only option
  100. Error logging
  101. Better progress reports when syncing
  102. Needed... General: Folder Sync+Ex/Include; iOS app: Cache+Info+Share ; Web: Sharing
  103. APT repository for automatic updates on Debian & Ubuntu Linux
  104. Schedule sync
  105. Auto Save My Website Data On Hubic Stroage
  106. compatibilta con app SNote
  107. An internal research engine?
  108. New options in context menu: "Upload to hubiC"
  109. Uploading a folder using the Web UI
  110. syncing
  111. Icônes des fichiers et dossiers toujours en icône simple DOS
  112. Disable tray notifications
  113. I have a request.. How about responses?
  114. Extend the embed viewer capacities
  115. Connection with Exchange emails
  116. Folder sharing instead of just publishing
  117. UI for Linux client
  118. allow backup when hubic application is not active on iOS
  119. File Information Visibility to Public users
  120. Backups available from iOS client
  121. File exclusion in backup
  122. Download Resume?
  123. Sharing functionality on hubic is useless
  124. Kindle Fire
  125. comment télécharger des dossiers
  126. Make A Sync Folder Backup?
  127. Support for Hubic backup on Synology
  128. Support for path longer than 1024 characters
  129. Administration partagée - Shared administration
  130. NB of files - Nb de fichiers
  131. Public links from Backup
  132. un cloud perso de 5To
  133. refresh openstack token
  134. TOS on website
  135. Progress bar on linux client
  136. Hot Linking Feature Request !!!!
  137. SyncBack support
  138. native integration of Hubic in Netgear ReadyNAS OS6
  139. FTP connection
  140. Upload without sync + more space
  141. Trash
  142. Link creation and Auto Upload
  143. Link Creation
  144. Offer for companies
  145. OVH keep sending invoice after I cancel account. my credit card was stored in system
  146. Sauvegarder site WordPress sur Hubic avec BackWPup Free
  147. Un service de secours pour restaurer les données
  148. cancel service account
  149. Upgrade SSL to SHA256 and other settings
  150. [feature rq]
  151. Map as network drive
  152. IFTTT Channel
  153. PayPal for payment methods!. Because...
  154. File Versioning
  155. LAN Sync
  156. 2 factor authentication
  157. Streaming and doc online
  158. Dossier non synchro
  159. Central list of user written software
  160. I would like to mount hubic drive as normal hard drive (like google-drive-ocamlfuse)
  161. Support of SYNOLOGY
  162. open source version of the client?
  163. Keyboard navigation on the web interface
  164. Blog Backup - FTP or custom script?
  165. customize message after sharing link
  166. Order Photos by capture date
  167. iOS photo and video uploading to synced folders
  168. Prevent hubic from removing deleting files
  169. Partnership with Canonical
  170. Hubic - Blueprint
  171. Download Multiple Files - Android App
  172. Simple text editor
  173. previous version + trash bin
  174. Request: Support Storage Access Framework on Android
  175. Play well with Duplicity/SWIFT
  176. Android / iOS - Instant Photo/Video Upload
  177. Ubuntu One Sync (they're closing down)
  178. Double authentification
  179. RPM based hubiC installation package for Linux that uses packages in format RPM
  180. ABILITY to add more folders across computer to sync
  181. Web-App Refresh
  182. Exclusion of SUBFOLDERS from synchronization
  183. Publish feature with no time limit
  184. Mapped network drive and url upload
  185. Chromecast Support
  186. Nouvelle fonctionnalité - Sécurité
  187. Synology NAS support
  188. HUBIC account with a OVH email adress
  189. Separating Storage from Synced Items
  190. uploader/synchroniser à partir du bureau comme MEGA
  191. Run as service or run in background
  192. Bittorrent sync server
  193. Plusieurs disques durs en synchronisation
  194. Website drag and drop layout
  195. Allow Full Phone Backups to hubiC
  196. GUI for Linux
  197. hubic cloud logo on left menu would be nice! (instead of a plain folder)
  198. Payment Option
  199. VAT at billing stage
  200. You guys did great but "FTP Access" would be the only thing nocks out the competitors
  201. 1 TB Plan
  202. 10mbit upload/download limit
  203. Problème de sécurité: Impossible de ne pas se connecter automatiquement!
  204. Optimisation du renommage des dossiers
  205. Mise En Place D'Un Bouton "Actualiser/Rafraichir" Sur L'interface Web
  206. Permettre De Lire Certains De Nos Fichiers Directement En Ligne
  207. Permettre A Ceux Ayant Un Compte Hubic De Commenter/Poster Sans Devoir S'inscrire
  208. Groups, users and rights
  209. delayed start of hubiC client
  210. Windows RT App
  211. Download statistics for published files
  212. Retina bar icon
  213. Backup tool
  214. Direct Link to shared files
  215. Recherche dans nos fichiers / Search function
  216. Non-Synced Mode
  217. Linux release
  218. versionning de fichiers.